En doktorsstudent som forskar om människors förhållande till träd är ovanligt. Ännu ovanligare om doktorn forskar vid Handelshögskolan.

Möt Jenni Puroila, forskaren vid Handels som vill få oss att inse att människors och träds välbefinnande hänger ihop. (Artikeln är på engelska).

Beräknad läsningstid: 2 minuter

Jenni Puroila, forskarstudent vid Handelshögskolan som menar att träd och människor hör ihop.
Connected to trees. Jenni Puroila studies the relationship between humans and trees.

– I am studying human-tree relationships as part of my PhD research (doktorsstudent) project at Misum Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets, at Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan).

– I love the outdoors, and I want to understand how people can connect with nature, and trees in particular.

– I hope to be able to show that taking care of ourselves and caring about the natural environment are connected. Therefore, I talk to a lot of people who practice nature-based well-being, therapy and mindfulness to learn what trees mean to them.

”Trees are like humans”

– I have moved a lot during my life and sometimes I miss the places I have lived in because I have formed a relationship with the natural environment there.

– I like observing trees around me and I feel like they are in some way holding space for us and other life forms.

– Trees are in many ways much like humans, and I was really impressed when I heard about the exercise Bosse at Utemaningen has as part of his forest bathing course when people are asked to think about those similarities.

”I really feel that we need to slow down, and perhaps it’s nature that can teach us how to.”

Jenni Puriola, Phd student, handelshögskolan

”The rate the forest is clear-cut worries me”

– We are connected to trees in so many ways, and in Sweden and Finland where I originally come from, we are used to think there is a lot of forest and nature around us.

– But actually, we are clear-cutting the forests at an alarming rate, and that worries me.

– I really feel that we need to slow down, and perhaps it’s nature that can teach us how to.

Jenni tipsar: More of everything

– The movie More of everything shows that the Swedish forest industry’s claims to be sustainable just aren’t true.

– I think everyone should see it.

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